Biagio Laponte

biagio laponte

Biagio Laponte (1988 - Scilla).

Sound engineer in the world of classical and contemporary music. Producer and composer of soundscapes and electronics sounds.

In 2014 he joins the theater world, where he find inspirations for his musical project Khaos, published by Drummond DSP on september 2015.

Co-founder and music director of Ergon Theatre.

In 2016, his sounds research flow into the album Connections I - Embryo, which starts a path towards microsounds, minimal music, noise and digital processing.

Morgana (Drummond DSP - 2017) is a personal sonic way to explore the deep relationship between soundscape and analogue synthesizers sounds.

Collaborates with “Cities and Memory” for the Global Sound Map" project archive.
Currently, together with Ground to Sea Sound Collective, he develops a research project on the soundscape "Rumore / Respiro", created within the Kate Artistic Residences of Tempo Reale in Florence founded by Luciano Berio.

| Born |

September , 22th 1988 in Scilla , Italy

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Producer, Composer, Live Performer, Sound Engineer

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| Discography |

Biagio Laponte

Airways - DSP020

Drummond DSP - 2019 - Digital

Biagio Laponte

Morgana - DSP016

Drummond DSP - 2017 - Digital

Alfa Neu & Pat Moonchy

Siren's Blues- DSP015

Drummond DSP - 2017 - Digital


Drummond Family Values 1.0 - DMD021

Drummond Records - 2016 - Digital

Biagio Laponte

Connections I (Embryo) - DSP013

Drummond DSP - 2016 - Digital

DSP008 biagio laponte - khaos

Biagio Laponte

Khaos- DSP008

Drummond DSP - 2015 - Digital

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