Dark Inc.

Active since 2003 Dark Inc. was founded in Bologna (ITA) by Irene "IRIS FreeForm" Salis and Kevin Follet

Their project focuses on the idea that the fusion of distant musical genres can result in a strong and original architecture of sound where far away techniques and styles can coexist. Classical, Jazz, Rock, Ambient, experimental and Middle Eastern music come to the same page to be reinvented in a new interpretative key. 

One of the goals of this project is to stimulate the fruition of music with an active listening process where the multi layering of soundscapes evoke the listeners’ own imaginative landscapes.

At first the Dark Inc project was conceived for a duo (laptop and voice), but soon it was felt the need to expand it to a wider spectrum of musicians that could bring their own ideas and cultures into the “dark inc realm”. 

Along these 10 years Dark inc has collaborated with the most diverse musicians, from Ricky Phillip (A.S.K., Barbados) to MC Zub (London) to Cem Misirlioglu (Manner, Turky) to Paul Whelier (SSS,USA), Mc CripsYlon (Cani&Porci, Desolandia Express, Italy), DJ Afghan (BZrecords, Link Propop, Italy) and many others. From 2010 through 2012 Dark inc has steadily collaborated and performed in NYC with saxophone player and composer Fernando Arruda, and drummer Wes Reid.

Their contribution of all these artists has earned the project a full pallet of colors and a great variety of shapes perpetrating the original concept of diversification and unification in our musical world.

Dark Inc has new exciting things in store for you in 2014 so stay tuned!

| Band Members |

Irene “Iris FreeForm” Salis: Composition, Arrangements, Lyrics, Voice

Kevin Follet: Composition and Production

| Active from |


| Genres |

Trip hop , Experimental, Electronica, Lounge, Nu Jazz, Other.

| Discography |

Dark Inc.

Remixes & Collaborations  - DMD013

Drummond Records - 2015 - Digital


Dark Inc.

Unreasonable Doubts EP  - DMD008

Drummond Records - 2014 - Digital