Sechzig - Enabled EP

DMD006 - Drummond Records - 2013 - Digital

Sechzig - Enabled Ep.png

In a deserted beach, with the sun beating down, the crabs emerge from the sand more and more, and they move fast, slamming the claws, in a kind of rhythmic dance.

A Maori tribe, during the celebration of the sea god, it tightens with rituals dancing and singing around the initiates that will be tattooed on the face.

In the speeded upsequence we see the birth, growth and decay of a mushroom and, before it succumbs under the fatal shots of snails and insects, it can spreads all around its millions of spores.

All Tracks Are Written and Arranged by Sechzig

Released by: Drummond Records

Release / Catalogue number: DMD006

Release date: 10.01.2013

Genre: Deep House


Mixed and Mastered at 1MIX2 Studio by Nicola "djT The Thief" Rigoni with Moonshiner 3 System

Sorgà - Verona, Italy

Cover Art: Cristiano Garonzi

Made in the EU 2013 all rights reserved

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