Euterpia - Desperate EP

DMD007 - Drummond Records - 2013 - Digital


A magic forest, a waterfall whispering, singing; strange shadows in a cave: monsters or goblins?

The patter of rain, leaves circular rings on the surface of a river in Alaska, and the river teeming with salmon, advancing against the current, struggling to get to the point of their death, starting life one of others.

The robots work hard in the mechanical construction, but a strange computer virus, means that the result is a strange composition of small block colored. As the pixel: with a lens of shrinkage you see.... WOW!

All Tracks Are Written, Arranged and Mixed by Euterpia

Released by: Drummond Records

Release / Catalogue number: DMD007

Release date: 12.13.2013

Genre: Electronica, Breaks, Tech-House


Mastered at 1MIX2 Studio by Nicola "djT The Thief" Rigoni with Moonshiner 3 System

Sorgà - Verona, Italy

Cover Art: Cristiano Garonzi

Made in the EU 2013 all rights reserved

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