Idiot Idols - Migrazioni EP

DMP001 - Drummond Plus - 2013 - Digital

Idiot-Idols - Migrazioni-Ep.png

Idiot Idols are back on scene with a new fresh Ep, full of emotions, moods and influences, and, nevertheless, characterized by the ubiquitous personal style of the duo from Latina (Italy).

“Migrazioni” Ep marks up the evolving of the duo, the continues maturation, an Ep which raises listeners, then let them suspended in mid-air, with ethereal landscapes, psychedelic influences, typical of the German Kosmische Musik, accompanied by a rhythm and a sound always compelling.

The Ep is made up by three tracks, starting with the climax and the ethereal atmosphere of " Rosso Vermiglio", then goes to the title track, "Migrazioni", that develops with pads articulation, synth and rhythm to bring listeners to a state of almost trance, catapulting them into a wild night landscape; the last track is a kind of winding-down, who will urge listeners to be get carried away by the pad’s heat sounds and to feel increasing distance between mind and body, through the flight of "Plataleas ajaja" birds.

Primordial wilderness, the flight of a bird, the mountains, the rocky desert canyons"

Outer space as imagined in the movies of the 70's, a tunnel of light"

Rosso Vermiglio "Machinery working in automation, cyclic, fast"

Released by: Drummond Plus

Release / Catalogue number: DMP001

Release date: 01.16.2013

Genre: Techno

Sub: Progressive, House


Mastered at 1MIX2 Studio by Nicola "djT The Thief" Rigoni with Moonshiner 3 System

Sorgà - Verona, Italy

Cover Art: Alfred Basha

Made in the EU 2013 all rights reserved

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