Various Artists - Letter B EP

DMV002 - Drummond Records - 2013 - 12 Inch, Vinyl


After a year of waiting, here is the new, gorgeous,  physic release from Drummond’s core artists.

The path began with “Letter A”, continues with this amazing release, made up of four tracks:

“Ego” by the drummer’s  jewel  man, Electro JJ is a warming up track, “Fruits of the doom” and “Missing ring” by Kevin Follet, fast & dark as his soul and, finally, “Strange Love” by Marco Novalis, hypnotic, a mental trip in his undiscovered brain.

200 vinyl copies, hand numbered by the artists, get your before it’s too late...

A1. Electro JJ - Ego (Marco Novalis and Kevin Follet Remix) - 06:19

A2. Kevin Follet - Fruits of the doom (Original Mix) - 06:17

B1. Kevin Follet - Missing ring (Original Mix) - 07:45

B2. Marco Novalis - Strange Love (Original Mix) - 05:06

“Ego”: in a forest, small dew drops are falling from leaves, but as they are falling, they are combining and vibrating together as a single thing, with metallic sheen: a new form of life is borning!!

“Fruits of the doom”: Volcanic eruption, lava rivers, stones hurled into the sky, the brutal beauty of the destructive and indomitable force of nature.

“Missing ring”: a colony of termites works hard to develop his nest, but at some point comes an army of ants to create havoc and destruction.

“Strange Love”: a submarine fleet is seeking for enemies in the deepest sea, but when they reach the seabed, it finds a shining city crowded with strange entities…

Released by: Drummond Records

Release / Catalogue number: DMV002

Release date: 02.16.2013

Genre: Techno

Sub: Techhouse, Techno


Mastered at 1MIX2 Studio by Nicola "djT The Thief" Rigoni with Moonshiner 3 System

Sorgà - Verona, Italy

Cover Art: Giuliano Garonzi (Sweden)

Made in the EU 2013 all rights reserved