Squid To Squeeze - Black Ink Squid EP

DSP003 - Drummond DSP - 2014 - Digital

Squid to Squeeze - Black Ink Squid.jpg

In Squid to Squeeze project a cuttlefish is sacrificed for his ink that will become the primary ingredient for music and black magic.
The music is ambient, glitch pulses with slimy mucous,in the succession of the tracks meet: 

a larva marine blenny and lame;

An ethnic macabre dance where you extract the squid ink; 

Fished anchovies, pulled up by chains and boxed; 

The funeral of the fish.

The piper calls the crowd to attend the ceremony; 

Where you cross the tunnel towards a new life.

...and so on...

All Tracks Are Written, Arranged and Mixed by Squid To Squeeze

Released by: Drummond DSP

Release / Catalogue number: DSP003

Release date: 12-15-2014

Genre: Breaks, IDM, Experimental


Mastered at 1MIX2 Studio by Nicola "djT The Thief" Rigoni with Moonshiner 3 System

Sorgà - Verona, Italy

Made in the EU 2014 all rights reserved

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