Euterpia was founded in January 2010 as a project which works in sound and music experimentation on synthesizers and acoustic instruments, leaving the majority of the conventional schemes. The founders of the project, which are Jhonny Boscaini and Simone Pachera, coming from two different musical reality, found themselves in the intention to combine their ways of living music.


Jhonny Boscaini (class 89 ') grew up in the psychedelic and electronic environment, had his first expression of music through the violin at the age of 12. At age 16 he started working as a DJ at many locals in Verona; he proposes musical genres sought. Jhonny Boscaini has started the project Euterpia as a musician, because of the feeling of restriction in the expression as dj.


Simone Pachera (class 90 ') began his musical life at the age of 15 as drummer in a rock band for 7 years. It has thus expanded his musical knowledge and finally met electronic music in the project Euterpia by his friend John, who at that time was transitioning from dj to producer. As for the rock band, also the project Euterpia for Simone becomes an instrument of expression and musical creation.

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Electronica, Ambient, Techno.

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X Remixes - DMP008

Drummond Plus - 2017 - Digital

Alfa Neu & Pat Moonchy

Siren's Blues - DSP015

Drummond DSP - 2017 - Digital


Drummond Family Values 1.0 - DMD021

Drummond Records - 2016 - Digital


Children Shaker EP - DMP004

Drummond Plus - 2014 - Digital


Desperate EP - DMD007

Drummond Records - 2013 - Digital

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