Loop Quantum Gravity


Davide Pachera and Franco Spadi met up for the first time in 2000 when they started performing by accident in the same band. They become good friends, even after the musical project. Since then they have been sharing their experiences, curiosities and passions about music but they stopped playing together till 2014, when by accident they started to collaborate again. As result of their current collaboration there is the project: LoopQuantumGravity. 

Franco Spadi (Composer/Musician)

Franco Spadi is a multi- instrumentalist, he plays bass, piano and guitar. He has also played sax and clarinet. He took part into different groups, playing different kind of music: punk, rock, funk, electronic. In the last years, he has composed pieces for dance shows and for cartoons. 

Davide Pachera (DJ/Musician/Videomaker)

Davide Pachera falls in love with music at 12 years old, when he got as a present his first record player. He is 16 years old while he is listening to the radio a mixset and decides to become a Dj and he is 18 when he performs in public. Then he has been studying jazz trumpet and piano. He collaborates as musician and videomaker with choreographers, performers and directors. In the music, he is always looking for what is innovative, unusual and experimental.

| Active from |


| Skills | 

Deejay, Producer, Composer, Videomaker

| Genres |

Electronica, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Breaks

| Discography |

Loop Quantum Gravity

Dark Space - DSP014

Drummond DSP - 2016 - Digital

Marco Novalis

Redem - DSP019

Drummond Records - 2016 - Digital

Loop Quantum Gravity

Tears Remixes  - DSP007

Drummond DSP - 2015 - Digital


Loop Quantum Gravity

Loop Quantum Gravity  - DSP005

Drummond DSP - 2015 - Digital