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The Thief is a dj and turntablist since 1987. In 1994 and 1995 he participated at DMC Italian championship; in the same years he founded the dj team MenInSkratch (they were finalist at DMC worldwide contest) and the 1mix2 studios. Actually he is a chief in technology for a broadcast company. As musician and producer, Nicola performed with Jimmy Carl Black, Fabri Fibra, Darryl Pandy, John Tchicai, Daniel Sous, U.t. Ghandi, Daniele Tedeschi, Bruno Marini, Cristina Mazza, Mauro Ottolini, Davide Ghidoni, dj Zeta, Bassi Maestro, herman Medrano. Nicola defines himself as an “eclectic and music lover’s person, with passion in audio-visual-multimedia production”; he is expert in digital and analogic audio-video technologies and – thanks to this experience – he created the MotherFukers’s Sound, a dynamic and “very fat” sound.

| Born |

1971 in Sorgà (Verona), Italy.

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| Skills | 

Deejay, Producer, Composer, Audio Engineer, Chief in tecnology for a broadcast company.

| Genres |

Techhouse, Funky, Color Music.


| Discography |

Various Artist

Visual Brain Gravity EP - DMD001

Drummond Records - 2010 - Digital



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