Electro JJ

The passion for music stems from childhood, the pace has always been inside of me ... at the age of 6 years the first bank in 12 years ... then I started playing with my brother Jana (guitar). Genres: rock, heavy metal, I am very fascinated by the underground electronic music and all that is extreme and particular. I played in various bands such as Trinity, Highway 11, byn’S Percussion Group, currently drummer ... O’Ciucciariello such Folk Impazzito project started in 2004.

The bridges of wood I’m never sure is the title of my first solo record, an electronic experimental project which is played live with a drum machine, released in July 2006. Since January 2007 I am working with Marco Novalis (Alterego Club) in a project exclusively for Alterego club that consists of sessions with live electronic drums and keyboards in the coming events. In the autumn, will be released on our first record .. of Novalis + Electro JJ. February / March 2007 is also working with Kevin Follet with whom I’m working on the project Toxic Music - Electronic Live Sessions, which consists in dance music played live (minimal-tech, techno and experimental). I like playing the drums and I love the adrenaline!

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October, 31st 1981 in Verona, Italy

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Producer / Composer / Live performer with drums, percussion in general

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Elettronica, Techno.

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Various Artist

Letter B EP  - DMV002

Drummond Records - 2013 - 12 Inch, Vinyl


Electro JJ

Poly Anderson Alla Battuta - DMD004

Drummond Records - 2011 - Digital

Marco Novalis / Electro JJ

Cyber Mina EP - DMD003

Drummond Records - 2011 - Digital


Various Artist

Visual Brain Gravity EP - DMD001

Drummond Records - 2010 - Digital


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