Sechzig is the brainchild of Fabio Levorati (IT), he begins the approach to music at 17 years of age playing bass in a cover band fascinated by the crossover of korn. He also began to become familiar with the various software to compose music and to love music techno and electronica.


At 20 he finally decided to jump into this world as a DJ, initially in pairs and then alone, making ranks on the premises of Verona. His first DJ sets are characterized by indie-electro / minimal sonority and highly appreciated for their eclectic style. It never leaves his passion for production and, thanks to collaborations in the studio, he refined his technique. He loves the production to such an extent as to leave the DJ sets to devote himself to research a own sound.


Growing up, he likes to create sounds that have evolved veering to the deep sonority, the bpm have decreased and the attention to detail increased. The result deserves to be heard.

| Born |

August, 15st 1986 in Verona, Italy.

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| Skills | 

Deejay, Producer, Composer.

| Genres |

Deephouse, Techhouse.

| Discography |



 Facets - DMD012

Drummond Records - 2015 - Digital


 Enabled - DMD006

Drummond Records - 2013 - Digital

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