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| Demo Submission Guidelines |


We look forward to, and enjoy receiving your demos - we do our very best to listen to as many as possible.


There are a few guidelines to help to speed up the process and increase the chance of us listening to your submission:

1. Please, NO download links - use Soundcloud, or similar hosting sites, so we can go straight to the tracks and listen to them.

2. Keep your demo submission to 3 or 5 tracks. NO single track demos, thanks.

3. NO unfinished or "radio edit" versions of your tracks. 

4. If you have used samples - make sure they are legal!

5. Please let us know to which of our labels your demo is for.

6. Do not compress/master your tracks. We are looking for good dynamic range - not super loud, undynamic music. If we like your tracks, then we will take care of all mastering requirements.


You can send us demos on physical support, but we do prefer direct links.

Postal address:

Drummond Records

Demo Submission

via S.Pietro 2 bis

37070 Sorgà - Verona



Please wrap your links tracks on an email to:


if you wish to write us about your demo submission, please do not use any other email addresses.

Thanks a lot!

Drummond Crew