Walter Mazo

Kevin Follet

You can understand much of Walter Mazo listening carefully to his songs: in the shadows, behind beats, loops, natural and synthetic sounds you can glimpse a clubber devoted to music or a dj with no limits for over 15 years, or even a hunter of bizarre ambient sounds, an investigator of different media and artistic languages, a loving husband, father of a wonderful daughter, and even a curious observer of the world and the complexity of human soul.

For him, the perfect track is a little story, a succession of frames, an attempt to combine pop music and sound experimentation.

Born in 1976 in Verona, graduated in Science and Technology of Musical Communication in Milan, Mazo needs of both urban tensions of the big cities as the quiet of a natural environment to stay balanced.

In this new phase of his life he is trying to give a sound shape to his ideas, collecting the experiences of the past with a positive look to the future.

| Born |

1976, Verona - Italy.

| Active from |


| Skills | 

Deejay, Producer, Sounds Hunter, Videomaker and more...

| Genres |

Ambient, Techno, Deep Electronica, Intelligent Pop.

| Discography |


Drummond Family Values 1.0 - DMD021

Drummond Records - 2016 - Digital

Marco Novalis

Redem - DMD019

Drummond Records - 2016 - Digital

Biagio Laponte

Khaos - DSP008

Drummond DSP - 2015 - Digital

Walter Mazo

Snow Rain And Sun  - DMD015

Drummond Records - 2015 - Digial

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